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Verdict of Absolution is now known as….

Hi there, everyone!

We’re happy to inform everyone that following the news of ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence reaching 1.0, we have decided to shift the names of some of the Verdict projects around to better delineate them and make them more recognizable.

ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence will remain with the same name, this being the original entry into the series.

Verdict of Silence is the new, upcoming re-make of ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence that will replace A:VoS as the primary single-player RPG entry in the series.

Verdict of Absolution, now known as Verdict: The MMORPG, is the primary multiplayer online RPG entry in the series.

We hope these changes will help each project stand out as a seperate entity contained within the Verdict universe as a whole.

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