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ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence

ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence is a traditional JRPG with modern elements that combine to create an exciting, tactical experience. ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence also boasts a variety of systems such as Relationship Building, Farming and Base Building to provide the player with hours of excitement and exploration.


ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence is the precursor to the upcoming “Verdict of Silence” and allows players to experience the original prologue story of the Verdict series, as it was before the “Verdict of Silence” remake.


– Gathering – 

There are a large number of gathering options available to the player including: Fishing, Exploration, Trade and Farming.

– Battling – 

The world of Asalthana has no shortage of enemies to do battle with. The more you use certain skills the more powerful they become. This combined with experience levels and a custom talent tree system, allows for a huge number of potential play styles.

– Discovery – 

Through utilising a classically styled quest system, in combination with  hidden dynamic objectives, the player will have the opportunity to find their own unique story path.  If you chose to explore the world,  you may stumble upon a trove of hidden secrets, you never know what you may find.

– Relationships –

Players can choose to present as either female, or male, and pursue a relationship with any character they choose.

Companions in your party have their own agendas, thoughts and beliefs.

Form rivalries, friendships or even romance as you write your own story through the decisions you make.

Buy gifts, complete unique story driven side quests, or simply engage in regular conversation to increase or decrease the bond you share.

The allies and enemies you choose may greatly effect your personal experience and story.

– Building –

As a fledgling adventurer, you are provided with little more than a basic camp. Through the decisions you make, you may be able to convert your humble camp into a Keep or perhaps, even a grand Castle. Unlock new vendors, NPCs, crafting points and more! You can choose to leave your camp as you find it, or invest time into converting it in to a bustling hub of activity.

– Farming –

The world of Asalthana provides many opportunities for eager Farmers. If you choose to invest your time in building and maintaining a farm, the rewards that you receive may be extremely valuable.  Players can use their farm to grow crops, which can be used either directly or as a component for more complicated crafting recipes.

– Crafting –

Players have a wide variety of crafting disciplines available to them right from the beginning of the game. Some crafting systems include: Item Augmentation, Gear Upgrading, Cooking, Furniture Craft, Building, Blacksmithing and more! The game includes an extensive, in-depth item system that allows for complex interactions in your creations.

 Craft new items, upgrade or combine them to give them powerful effects.

– Difficulty –

The world scales with you as you level, ensuring there is always an even balance of challenge and fun. However, the Dynamic Difficulty Scaling also provides a sense of progression by ensuring that creatures like Giant Rats will always be as strong (or as weak) as you’d expect them.

– Choices and Decisions –

Player choices in the world of Asalthana matter, and may alter the course of gameplay such as causing companions to die, shops to change or become unavailable and entirely new storylines to unlock.

Characters have a wide variety of freedom in the way they progress, allowing the player to truly customize their gameplay experience and create a team that fits their playstyle.

The decisions you make have consequences that shape your relationships, your story, and even the very world of Asalthana!


ABSENCE: Verdict of Silence is provided in an “as-is” state, as development on it has ended. Though there may be minor bug-fixes and patches in the future, no major content is planned to be added.


For the newest entry in the Verdict series, which continues the story and expands on the gameplay, please click here to view Verdict of Silence, and check out our Discord for updates and details of future projects.


OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64bit)

CPU: Intel Core I3 2.4ghz or better

RAM: 4GB or more


Graphics: DirectX 9 / OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU (at least 1GB VRAM)

Display: 1920 x 1080 ~ (Lower resolutions may suffer from an imperfect image)