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[Closed] General Rules and Guidelines for posting

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Here at VerdictGames, we would like everyone to feel safe and included when interacting with the game and community, and as such we ask players to follow these rules on the forum.



1. No Spam, Irrelevant Advertising or Self Promotion

Posting spam links, images or text is forbidden, in addition to posting links, images or text advertising or promoting a non Verdict Games product.

Users are however, permitted to post advertising for any in-game content.


2. Be Respectful and Polite

When interacting with other users on the forum, ensure that you do not use excessive swearing, targeted harassment or obnoxious formatting. This rule also extends to actions such as "stalking" other users by following their post history, making off-topic comments of an offensive nature towards another user or otherwise attempting to incite an argument.


3. Do not post Copyright infringing material

When creating posts on the forum, please ensure all material you post is either your own - or that you have permission to post it.


4. Absolutely no offensive behaviour or posting

Actions such as defamation, harassment, abuse or any other content that is deemed overly sexually explicit, obscene, discriminatory or bigoted will result in an immediate ban. This rule extends to posting images, text, videos and off-site links, in both public and private spaces.


5. Stay relevant and on-topic

When posting, ensure that you have chosen the right sub-forum for the topic you wish to post about, and when interacting with a forum topic - ensure that you remain on subject to the original poster's intent.


6. No Illicit, Unlawful or Immoral Material

When posting content, please ensure that it adheres to all local laws and regulations in your area, as well as making sure that the post and it's content is something that would be deemed respectful and polite by an average person.

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